All international students must follow a full schedule. We aim to structure our schedule so that there are always attractive options for international students.

As an international student you must follow Danish classes, but there are also other subjects you are most welcome to join in. Some classes are taught fully in English, others will still be relevant for international students, such as sports and arts/ crafts.

Compulsory classes

All international students will attend Danish laguage class. We offer Danish at a beginner’s level but most importantly, we find that the best way to lear Danish is to use it! The school gives you a unique opportunity to take what you learn in Danish class and put it to use in your daily life at the school and your meeting with our Danish students. If you work hard and are not afraid to use what you’ve learned, you can go a long way.
Danish as a foreign language – read more

Optional classes

The following subjects are relevant to international students:

Finally there are some subjects that are too hard for you to follow if you do not understand and speak Danish. However, some international students choose to stay for two semesters at the school, using the first semester to learn the language and the second to take these classes:

  • Nursing / medicine (preparation for medicin /nursing school)
  • Theory on teaching/psychology (preparation for teaching college, social studies)
  • Journalism (preparation for School of Journalism)
  • Technology and science
  • Travel project (preparation for voluntary work abroad)



  1. Åbent Hus på Rønde Højskole den 2. august

    august 2 - 17:00 - 18:30
  2. Åbent Hus på Rønde Højskole den 9. august

    august 9 - 17:00 - 19:00
  3. Åbent Hus på Rønde Højskole den 26. august

    august 26 - 17:00 - 19:00