Study trip

Each semester, we all travel abroad for a week to experience something new. In addition to this, optional trips may be offered.

In Spring, we usually go on a snow trip to Norway with outdoor life, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, bobsledding and so much more. It doesn not matter if you have not tried skiing before – we offer ski classes on different levels.

The autumn semester offers two choices of trips; one to Berlin and the other to Iceland.

In Berlin, you experience the buzzing, multicultural speed of a city in riveting growth. We aim to give you all the best experiences Berlin has to offer. The program may vary, but in the past we have visited underground bunkers, canoed around the deserted factories, visited concentration camps, old listening stations, war memorials, funky restaurants, cabarets, Olympia Stadion, the festival of lights, street art safaris, ping pong bars, dance halls and Oktoberfest.

In Iceland, we take in the spectacular country in all its glory, enjoying volcanoes, geysirs, hot springs, northern lights, cave exploring, glaciers and the culture of the city of Reykjavik. Our guide is a native Icelander who knows all the best secrets!

Every semester also offers an extra adventure trip to Norway or Sweden with trekking, rappelling og lots of great outdoor life. We will sleep in tents and cook over a bonfire. This trip is suitable for both adventure enthusiasts and those who just want to try out the great outdoors.

Every semester also offers a voluntary survival trip.

Important note: We aim to make our study trips available to all international students. However, due to various VISA requirements and travel laws both inside and outside the European Union, we cannot guarantee you a seat on the trip. It all depends on your country of origin, the permit you have for your stay in Denmark and the travel laws of the country we’re traveling to.