Living the Danish language

There are many ways to learn the Danish language, but the most important one is to use it! A stay at Rønde Folk high school offers you the opportunity to do just that. On top of your Danish classes, taught by experienced teachers, you will live among and communicate with our Danish students. Don’t worry – we will translate most of what’s going on into English. 

Statements from former international students

“My dreams came true”

”I didn’t expect so many activities, so helpful and friendly teachers, so friendly students and amazingly delicious food. Moreover, I didn’t expect to find a boyfriend, so many close friends and my talents. My dreams came true at Rønde Folk High School.” Former international student, Gerda Valentaite, Lithuania

“These six months were like a fairytale”

“I never experienced that an atmosphere in a school can be so free and creative. The most surprising thing was the teachers’ attitude. They are not better than us, they are friends. I never thought that I could go to a teacher and talk about my problems, joke around, drink tea and talk about life. Not for a moment have I felt that I was in school. These six months were like a fairytale – you are in a big carousel and you’re just turning and turning around. This school totally changed my way of thinking and my future plans.” Former international student, Ilze Kulikovska. 

“I challenged myself in many levels”

“I had a really great semester here with a lot of nice memories. I gained a lot of experience and had the chance to try out many things. I challenged myself in many levels and learned about Denmark. Moreover, I was motivated to meet new people and having an experience abroad.” Former international student Krisztina Kovacs, Hungary

“Our teacher was always there, ready to help”

“I found textile classes really rewarding, because I’ve never learned so many things I could use, so many new techniques. And also, our teacher was always there, ready to help. We not only made pretty things but also really useful stuff. I’m moving to Spain for the summer, because during my stay in this school I realized that nothing is impossible for me!” Former international student Urte Gaidamaviciute, Lithuania