Rønde Højskole

Would you like to stay at a Danish folk high school?
There is no better way to understand a culture than to live it – and no better way to learn a language than to use it!

A stay at a Danish folk high school offers a unique way of studying Danish language and culture, arts and crafts, international politics, democracy, sports and much more. Our theory of learning means plenty of room to discuss, to develop your skills and discover a new way of thinking.

Rønde Højskole is a boarding school for young adults aged 18-30. We have room for about 100 students and are happy to welcome international students to our school. As an international student, we aim to teach you the language, culture and ways of Denmark along with many other interesting subjects. You learn through classes – but most importantly by participating in student life along with our Danish students.

We offer two big sport halls, a fitness room, a science lab and workshop, music lab, textile workshop, art workshop and wonderful surroundings close to the sea, the forest and the National Park of Mols. Here you can read about Rønde Højskole, our subjects, teaching, life outside the classroom and the study trip. You can also learn what other students say about their stay at Rønde Højskole.