Danish lessons and other subjects

We offer a big range of subjects in sports, arts, music, communication and a lot more. In this video you can see some of the subjects you can choose as an International student at the school.

Put together your own week plan

As an international student at Rønde Folk High School, you participate in some classes which mainly focus on learning Danish language and culture. Beside these compulsory classes you can put together your own week plan by combining with some of the inspiring electives.
The schedule below shows an example of the weekly schedule.

In the following you can explore more detail about classes, subject and our way of teaching

Compulsory classes and activities

During our long-term courses in Spring and Autumn, some classes are taught in English. You can plan your own schedule, but there are some compulsory subjects. You are free to mix the compulsory lessons with any of the other subjects we offer. You can learn more about our other subjects here.

Danish language and culture – your main subject

Danish language and cultural lessons are your main subject as an international student. Our two experienced Danish teachers will work closely together with you to match class contents to your skills. Some of our international students already have a basic knowledge of Danish and some start from scratch. This will be taken into account as the teachers plan the semester. Lessons are held in an casual tone and the teaching is based on dialogue and practice.

Assemblies and other common activities

At Rønde Højskole, we aim to include you international students as much as possible – so even though many meetings and assemblies are held in Danish, we always translate what’s being said into English using a state-of- the-art interpretation set.

All students are to attend our weekly student/ teacher meeting -folkemøde – once a week. Here, you will be given information about special events and activities, changes to the schedule, what’s happening during the weekend and discuss life at the school with the other students and teachers.

Every week, we also have a mandatory sing-along class as well a joint class for all students with different themes and subjects.

A unique opportunity

In classes you will work on Danish grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills. The folk high school environment gives you a unique opportunity to take what you learn in the Danish lessons and put it to use in your daily life at the school and your meeting with our Danish students. If you work hard and are not afraid to use what you’ve learned, you can go a long way.

Electivies – other classes

All students at Rønde Folk High School follow a full schedule. Luckily the main schedule offers different attractive options for you beside the Danish lessons.

The schedule changes from semester to semester, but we always offer a variety of classes in the following areas:

We also offer classes such as Escape room, Gaming & Strategy, International Politics and Programming. 

Special weeks

Some weeks during the semester are dedicated to other subjects than the regular ones. Often, we will use this time to create some sort of show, happening or performance, where our students’ creativity and talents are challenged, or we will use the time to work on something we consider meaningful and important, like the UN World Sustainability Goals. We also offer different study trips during your stay.

Preparation for studying i Denmark

Maybe you are considering studying at the university or taking another education in Denmark? Some international students choose to stay for two semesters at Rønde Folk High School, using the first semester to learn and live the language and the second to follow one of our main subjects taught in Danish:

  • Nursing / medicine (preparation for medicin /nursing school)
  • Theory on teaching/psychology (preparation for teaching college, social studies)
  • Journalism, media & communication (preparation for School of Journalism)
  • Technology and science
  • Business & Economics

Combining preparation for higher education with a stay at Rønde Folk High School gives you the best opportunities for a good start in Denmark both academically, linguistically and socially.