About Rønde Folk High School

Facilities and study trips

Rønde Folk High School is part of the non-formal educational system in Denmark. A stay at this kind of school does not offer any official qualifications, like a university degree. It is, however, well esteemed and recognised (by employers and universities) as a course where you will gain many non-forma qualifications such as co-operation skills, tolerance and personal initiative, as well as a useful knowledge of the Danish language and a social network.

All our teaching is based on your interest to learn and your willingness to apply yourself. We have no exams or grades, but at the end of a course you will get a diploma to certify which subjects you have followed. The teaching is based on dialogue and talk – the living word – as our founder Grundtvig introduced it. We offer a wide range of subjects, but our primary goal is to educate our students to have a meaningful life, to celebrate democracy and to find the best way forward in terms of education.

Where are we

Rønde Folk High School is centrally located in Denmark: in Djursland, on the rim of the beautiful hills of Mols, close the bay of Aarhus. In other words, a landscape which gives you rich opportunity to go sightseeing and hiking. Within a distance of 25 km you can reach Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city. Busses depart every half hour. Within the same distance, you can travel by ferries in Grenaa and Ebeltoft. Aarhus Airport is located about twenty minutes from the school.

A bit of history

An old school dressed in up-to-date clothes, Rønde Folk High School is more than 100 years old. In the year of 1897, the school was founded by the church and a popular movement in the local area. In 1970, the physical space became too small and new buildings were erected – a process of modernizing and expanding that has been going on ever since.  As the school developed, changes were made to our core values to more accurately reflect the world we are a part of. Today, we see ourselves as a modern folk high school. We cherish our history with the Danish church but consider ourselves a school for all, no matter your religious, racial or educational background.


Today, we offer our students modern facilities. The students’ rooms are equipped with toilet, shower and a balcony/patio. On the balcony, you have a splendid view of the countryside. We have up-to-date teaching rooms, laboratories, a music house, auditorium and a gymnasium for sporting activities.

We offer two big sport halls, a fitness room, a science lab and workshop, music lab, textile workshop, art workshop and wonderful surroundings close to the sea, the forest and the National Park of Mols.

Study trips

Every semester offers the opportunity to join our study trips. The trips we offer vary each semester, so please contact the school to find out what we have planned for the semester you are considering. Please note that the trips come at an extra expense if you choose to go. It is also possible to stay back at the school where an alternative program will be offered.


In Spring, we usually go on a snow trip to Norway with outdoor life, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, bobsledding and so much more. It does not matter if you have not tried skiing before – we offer ski classes on different levels.


Communist Albania collapsed in 1990, and it is now a very hospitable country. Experience the unspoiled nature, antique sights and castles and the Albanian cuisine, influenced by Greek and Italian culture. You will also experience the history, culture and life of the capital, Tirana. We will visit UNESCO cultural Heritage sights and go hiking in the countryside.


Our trip to Iceland offers the most astonishing nature. Experience hot springs, volcanoes, geysirs, the clash of the continental plates, go behind the waterfalls, hike on the glaciers, sail next to the icebergs, experience the culture in Reykjavik, explore caves and walk the black beaches. Our guide is a native Icelander who knows all the best secrets!


Our trip to Northern Germany means experiencing the nature along the wade sea to the West and the majestic old cities by the fjords in the East.  We will visit UNESCO cultural Heritage sights and go see arts, castles and other sights – on foot, on bike and by bus. We will focus on the history that ties Denmark and Germany together and the challenges of the borderlands.

Thy – an outdoor trip

Put your tent on your back and go trekking in the Danish national park Thy. We set up camp in the wild Danish nature, go surfing on the waves of the West sea, experience wildlife and cook our food over a bonfire.

Important note: We aim to make our study trips available to all international students. However, due to various VISA requirements and travel laws both inside and outside the European Union, we cannot guarantee you a seat on the trip. It all depends on your country of origin, the permit you have for your stay in Denmark and the travel laws of the country we’re traveling to.