Danish as a foreign language

Danish is a tricky language, but you will be surprised when you discover how much you can learn during your stay! In Danish class, you will learn Danish conversation and basic Grammar. During these lessons you will also get a chance to get an explanation on words and expressions you have discovered when you have been practicing your Danish.

How much Danish you learn is up to you -you will learn a lot in your Danish class, but where you really learn to speak the language is when you skip English and start talking Danish with your roommate and your Danish friends.

We are studying different subjects in Danish, but they are all related to Denmark:

  • Danish tradition and culture (The history of the Danish Højskole)
  • Danish history and geography
  • Seasons and holidays
  • Fairytales and folk stories
  • Discuss news and compare it to your home country
  • Visit the local community and talk about traditions

The school has different study books in Danish so you can practise your Danish in your spare time.

We do not offer formal Danish tests.