About teaching

At Rønde Højskole we aim to include all our international students as much as possible – so even though many meetings and assemblies are held in Danish, we always translate what’s being said into English using a state-of- the-art interpretation set.

During our long term courses in Spring and Autumn, some classes are taught in English. You can plan your own schedule, but there are some compulsory subjects. You are free to mix the compulsory lessons with any of the other subjects we offer.

All students are to attend our weekly student meeting -elevmøde – once a week. Here, the students identify matters they want to discuss with the teachers when teachers and students meet at the weekly ‘folkemøde’ – joint meeting.

Every week, we also have a mandatory singing class as well a joint class for all students with different themes and subjects.

Special weeks

Some weeks during the semester are dedicated to other subjects than the regular ones. Often, we will use this time to create some sort of show, happening or performance, where our students’ creativity and talents are challenged, or we will use the time to work on something we consider meaningful and important, like the UN World Sustainability Goals. We also offer different study trips during your stay.

January at Rønde Højskole

As an international student, you also have to option of spending January taking a more intensive Danish course. However, every year in January we offer a special course, known as ‘Valuable qualifications,’ which is available to international students who feels that their level of Danish is sufficient. The course is relevant for you if you want to improve your skills in connection with project management , teambuilding and production, to clarify your personal values and assets and to discover new aspects of your own personality.

What to expect as a student – and what we expect from you

A school like ours is probably unlike any other school you’ve experienced before! Your teachers are a part of everyday life and are present at other times than the classes. We want you to learn a lot – but we believe the ideas of our founder , the famous Danish scholar Grundtvig, who said that learning is something that happens in many contexts, not just while you’re buried in books and focused on grades and exams. We put great emphasis on what we can achieve together as a group and a community and how our students can improve the world we live in. The Danish folk high school is a phenomenon that has spread from Scandinavia to other parts of the world, including the US – and if you embrace the philosophy, your stay can be rewarding and inspiring.

This, however, requires something from you – especially as an international student. Even though there are no grades and exams, we expect full
attendance to classes, and your mindset must be prepared for the challenge of learning a new language and engaging with Danish-speaking students even if you’re feeling a little insecure – this is essential to the success of your stay.



  • På sommerhøjskole med din teenager30. april 2019 - 13:38

    Oplev en fantasktisk aktiv uge sammen med din teenager. Familiekurset på Rønde Højskole er for dig , der gerne vil have en aktiv uge med dine børn med unge fra 12 år og opefter. Familiekurset er aktiviteter, sjov og ballade med jævnaldrene samtidig med, at I får god tid sammen som familie. Prøv kræfter med blandt andet kano/kajak, snorkling, fiskeri, kreativitet, klatring på klatrevæg, mountainbike, bålmad, natløb, overnatning i shelter, fortælling, adventure-race, maddyst, slackline, turneringer og sæbekasserally.

  • Vind 20.000 kr. til et højskoleophold12. april 2019 - 11:38

    Vind 20.000 kr. til et højskoleopholdLige nu og frem til 6. maj har du chancen for at deltage i konkurrencen om et gavekort på 20.000 kr. til et højskoleophold. Her er hvad du skal gøre for at deltage i lodtrækningen:

  • Mathias vil arbejde med mennesker – og hvad der sker mellem dem13. marts 2019 - 23:56

    Mathias Raahauge på 25 år er elev på linjefaget Psykologisk & Pædagogik på Rønde Højskole og drømmer om at uddanne sig inden for ledelse, udvikling og relationer.


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